Short Getaway

Hello! Good day people! If you have anything to say or comment, do it so at the bottom of the entry. =)

My trip to Kuala Lumpur was fun. Okay, can't say its soo hoo-haa right because it's so common for us to go there for like a short trip or so. Below are some pictures. Oh haven't I revealed to you I stayed at Impiana KLCC and it was like one of the best hotel that I've visited? Surely it has got it's GEMS (Go Extra Mile Service NOT Good Employment Movements Khai!)

Anyway, I ate a lot recently. Pretzels at every mall I go, cheesecake and donuts. When landed in Singapore, we stopped by Jalan Kayu and craved for Tom Yam. Like can you imagine one after another? Still, I'm like this. Like a pencil. "See laa.." I just don't want to look like skin and bones only...

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