Dinner at Carousel

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We were doing this project on Thursday, hot afternoon and suddenly someone asked my group members and I on how to get to FC6, while we were at The Pavillion district. It was kinda far and it's hard to show the direction. So I was the one who sent him (since we're done) until FC5 where he can make his on way then on. Anyway, he's from TJC, only some may know what it means, but apparently, he doesn't know who we know. Whatever. Went back home and got a call from Syaz to go Ikea, I was like okay, since I was out, I shall put my stuffs and go have a catch up while he does his some household stuffs shopping. Can you believe it, we live like a block away, our house can be seen, I can even use binoculars to see his house and yet we just met yesterday after like a few long weeks of not seeing each other?

Then back home, touched up on slides (mayhem) and got a "cold call" from Elfie (interesting on how we know each other), contacted a Bruneian friend and my dad all at one go. I felt accomplished because I can multi-task for once! At the same time packing bag for the next day. Tiring but satisfying!

This morning was presentation.

After school went to meet Elf while waiting for Fiz to come (since he end late afternoon). Headed to Cathay, someone said he wanted to study but ended up talking about his rugby and stuffs! Anyway it's just a short outing. Anyway Elf, you know I'm "annoyed" with you, you know why! Barbaric!

Hafiz came, waited for us at Paragon, we walked from Cathay. Elf then left. While waiting for 6.30PM, we window shopped. Like seriously, nowhere to go because it seems all shop repeats itself. We went to Royal Plaza and by 6.30PM, we went to Carousel for the buffet dinner. I ate a lot! I don't know what to say already if I don't grow an inch plump.

Cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, vanilla sorbet, Bolognese, yellow rice, Aglio Olio seafood rice, rendang with meat, lobster, clam, oyster, crab and orange juice.
I was so full I need a rest before walking out.

There was one time...
(Fiz was away, I was eating, there was Lady A and Guy B beside us, Guy B was away)
Lady A: Are you in the fashion line? (I thought she was offering a job!)
Myself: Errrm, nope, but we're kinda into fashion.
Lady A: Oh, haaha I see, I see, so are you a student?
Myself: Yeah, we are studying in polytechnic now. *Smiles*
Lady A: Oh really? Poly? We thought you were from art school like NAFA or something.
Myself: Oh no no, no no, *Shake heads*
Lady A: Which line are you in?
Myself: I'm studying Events Management...
And I shall not continue after this...

P/S: I can tell you but I have to "kill" you. Even if you know, it's just for you to know and that your perception towards anybody remains impartial. Prove that and you have access to my rewarding thoughts.

I love this that I took! =)

Have a great weekend!

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