Larry Jewelry

Last Saturday I went to Larry Splendour at Mauritius Mandarin. It was kinda fun because we saw real people carrying $30 000 bag and the "tai-tai's" and they were like so cute and funny! No wonder there are indeed boys who goes after these ladies. Okay, I'm not trying to be offensive but they have elegant taste in fashion. Anyway, can you like imagine? With that money ($30,000) I can get like about 10-20 items from LV or I can use it to buy car (though I might have to top-up). Anyhows, one of the models is so gorgeous! Though she don't really look good in picture which is why it's not in here. She's like 1.5 times taller than me! Can you imagine that! Now I feel so...

Went to Plaza Singapura as we intended to catch a movie because (can't tell you why) but we were annoyed because (can't tell you why either). But whatever, at least we get it!

Went to Compass Point and we then realize how much we missed it! I mean we used to go out and went there several times, for I don't know what reason, and we tend to get lost on our way home to the bus stop. So yeah...

Back home, did some school work, done with my GEMS presentation because it is the easiest one of all. Something wrong with my internet connection up till today that I have to use something else to connect. I can't use it from my room, which is so annoying. So practically I can't too much things because my resources are in my room. Whatever.

Can't wait for Manifestasi! God knows why!

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