Bowling Fever

Fever was not so bad yesterday until night came upon. Headache starts and I felt giddy. Nevertheless, maybe there was a blessing in disguise when I played bowling. It was some bowling match for residents around my town, and my family and I came in fourth. Unbelievable! No practice or anything, and we played in the name of fun and family bonding, but winning five empty cups is not nothing seeing that we did not practice and did not anticipate because there were other better players, and some of them took part in this match for ages, around the island. What's more we won some lucky draw prizes, though not made of gold and diamonds, it sure to come in handy in times you need it. That means I can have my iron back in my room, so I can do ironing in the comfort of my room or maybe a new hair dryer. Sure it's like an investment. Pay a sum of money, get the sum back in terms of voucher (it's not bad I swear) and get some good prizes.

Met my doctor today and temperature was soaring 38.2C. Got medical certificate, and again, blessing in disguise. You don't know what it is.

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