Happily Ever After

Friday night was outing with Fiz in town, for the second time of the week. Went there just to window shop, and went to Starbucks and had a chat before heading to a friend's house to fetch a jacket. It was a good start of the weekend and I really had a good sleep after that because I was so exhausted.

ION Orchard.

Congratulations to one of my beloved relatives on her marriage. May their marriage last happily ever after. The private event was full of life with funny antics from my aunts and uncles, and cute little babies growing up learning how to walk and talk , and soon, gonna walk the talk. The decoration was full of red roses which really beautified the humble place. Coincidentally, some of us wore the similar colour as the wedding's theme colour.

Nina Halim and her hubby. =) Click here if you don't know her.

If you are lazy to click, just a short info, she's my second cousin (from what I know from my parents) and she acted in Anak Metropolitan series as "Mummy", head of the gang in Suria Channel. I remember vividly that that was my favourite show and probably would die not watching it, and how the theme song still play in my mind.

Anyway, her husband is a French, this means I probably can ask him about French culture for my Cross Cultural Studies project!

School has been taking a lot of my time lately, with projects, tutorials and undying lecture. Internship is coming up, so making plans for other things now is really not a good time because nothing is certain yet. I apologise if any of your messages are not replied, and calls not returned, and e-mails abandoned because with other commitments I put myself in, other than school, the pressure on me is challenging.

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