Getaway and Wishes

Before I let myself start in everything else just let me wish two things. First, a big Happy Birthday to my Khai. She has been such a good listening ear and accompany. Although now she is busy with her preparation for A's and all. I just hope she lead a blissful life! Yes, we've not each other since Higher Malay lesson and I remember vividly, probably in HD, how we use to disturb other classmates, and even our own Cikgu Fidah. Seriously, those times are the times where I really wet my pants laughing at all those funny antics that we made for each other. I am grateful more that you're not only my listening ear or my partner in disturbing others, but's you do realise that we study together as well with Syaz. I hope being the member of Club 18 gives you maturity to think crystal clear.

Next, happy birthday to Singapore! Nothing much to say althought I have to thank this land. Hope it's safe the way it is now and prosper like other great cities without falling before I die. I just could not wish on time because I was in Malacca. Now that I am back, everything goes buzzing as usual.

As some of you or most of you would have known, I have found my thumbdrive. Yes, it is not a big deal to some of you but till you realise inside is all your important documents and some copyrighted materials like your modelling pics or something, then you know how it feels to be in the hot shoe. I've yet to dismiss the police report. Again, I would like to thank my lecturer and coordinator and whoever who was involved in getting this back. I'm feel terribly blessed that it was returned untouched. None of the files were deleted. Alhamdulillah.

Malacca was fun although the intended trip was more of a personal and private affair, it did became like a holiday trip. River cruise and go-kart was fun. I really have to thank Datuk Amin for treating us during the trip. We feel so terrible at the same time thankful and blessed. Only Allah can repay you for what you've given us.

Have a good night readers!

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