Let's Celebrate!

Green Packets Collection!
A week of Syawal had passed and we should have known by now how fast time flies especially when you are engrossed with work, social life, and family, and so on. It is as though you do not have a second for yourself to breath in and rethink what have we done to our lives so far.

Eid celebration has been great with visits to old relatives houses where we learn how things can change within a period of a year or probably in a matter of days and second, not knowing who will be next in line to go into the seven feet under.

If you ask about my green packet collection, I am grateful to the almighty and I have to thank for those who gave. I will make good use with it. Except the empty packets that will go into my mum's drawer so it can be reused for next year!

Nat's Birthday
In this post I would like to wish Nat a Happy Birthday! I hope she enjoyed the small surprise celebration we had at the restaurant and the part where we stalk her really freaked her out. Anyway she still does not know how I managed to stalk her. Thanks for being such a listener and yes, you should get the message about "The Cat". I know you will tell whoever who asked you about "The Cat", you will still tell. I predicted.

Colleagues Visit
Not to forget a few days ago a few of my colleagues from the intern company came for Hari Raya visit. They are such a wonderful guests and I am touched especially knowing that two of them were from across borders. For those who asked, intern has been okay with new challenges everyday that never fail to test your ultimate patience and endurance. Just have to make sure you have an egg everyday to crack.

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