Quick Update

First Week
First week of school is fun and I'm overloaded with information. Long lectures, complex calculations, and long winded statements that I bet I need to memorise a lot of them for exam. I miss all my classmates and seeing them makes me so happy, especially after 6 weeks of break and catching up on our attachment experience. Surely it's one of our many life experiences that we could share.

Fiz's Birthday
We know it was late for our friends birthday celebration, because that time one of us was hospitalised. Anyway, it was a surprise. It was planned quite a long time ago taking advantage of 'my situation'. I do hope he is well surprised with our plans. Anyway, we're planning something for ourselves next year. Hope it comes true!

Anyway, we had our cheap-thrill last night. It was hilarious, and looking at some photographs in Nat's Macbook and learning how to Tweet via SMS and laugh at some "act-cute" photographs as well was so fun.

This week's weekend is packed with outings and school work. I had a list of things to do in my phone which includes my laundry. Today I went to Johor to one of my relatives house, and played with firecracker at their house. It was fun (yet scary, in case it burns your face or something), the food was good, and we got to thank her for showing us around the town. Like tourist, I know! Enjoy the video posted to you!

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