Celebrating Fad-Day

My Birthday
So there is Monday till Friday and in one of the days we're celebrating Fad-Day. Fun right! I would probably give you guys a half-day school or work if I were to be a boss or the Prime Minister or something! Haaha, just kidding. Anyway, celebration was good although a proper celebration with family is not done yet because some of us are just busy.

The Family Affair
So it was 12 midnight and yes, I was expecting them (my family members) to come into my room or something to sing me a birthday song or something of that sort but I didn't expect a blackout surprise! It was funny, something embarrassing did happen, only yours truly knows what happen my closed doors. I laughed at myself thinking about it! Thanks for my parents and my little brothers. The birthday card is so sweet!

The Syaz and Khai's Affair
So they called me since Syaz was from Mustafa Centre while Khai was from work. They have to meet me because they have their own affairs they need to settle. Syaz needs to use my scanner while Khai needs to return my file. Syaz gave me a call to come down to help him carry some stuffs. I sensed it has to be a surprise or a gift! So I came down to see Syaz and Khai was there to surprise me with a cake made of many Hershey pies!

The Fiz and Nat's Affair
Fiz told me there was this jewellery show that we're invited to go like last year. So I took his word for it, even while on the way to Shang-ri La, I wondered what kind of food they will be serving at the event. I was late and I thought he will be waiting impatiently for me. I was waiting for him around the lobby since he said he was in the toilet, and I saw Nat was there running down the escalator, trying to hide but she just can't. Don't get me started on why she can't hide! Haaha, just kidding. So it came across my mind there was no jewellery event and I was there for my own surprise celebration! Indeed it was! I pretended not to know (you ought to see my Tweet) so then at least their plan will not fail! Sadly the balloon flew off and the cheese cake was forgotten, but I still got my birthday cake!

Thank you!
To all friends and relatives who gave me well-wishes through all media, thank you so much! :)

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