It's the celebration of my mum's birthday, my birthday, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.

Mum's Birthday
Before I move into anything else, I would like to make a big happy birthday shout out to my mum! So here goes, happy birthday! May the Almighty shower you with his blessings and reward you with all the good times ahead. So, not only tiger gets to enjoy the in-lieu holidays!

The Valentine's Day
So last night was Valentine's Day and it coincides with the Chinese New Year. I went to East Coast Park for some sunny day retreat. The weather was almost unbearable but the wind at Bedok Jetty was good enough to cool me down despite the scorching sun piercing through my skin. Not to mention that place somehow turned into refugee camp site wannabe. Other than that it was all good.

Don't get me wrong, she's not Vday date!

My Birthday! (16th Feb)
I know I may sound a little bit self-obsessed, like everybody says! But thank you for all the wishes given to me via all mass media be it print or electronic (Haaha!). Your wish for my good health, and all are one of my life's simple pleasure. In return, I do hope you all of you are all good with your exams, revision and all (since it's the exam season) - it's one of my birthday wishes for all of you.

Post Celebration
I know, I know, it may seem that I have another celebration after my birthday but post celebration shall be celebration with my books and notes! What's more the exam season (for almost all level of education) is coming up, there's quite a few things I have to do. There's not only one party that has or wants to get those flying colours.

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