"Awesome!" seems to stick to me for the past few days. I rarely use this word or not at all until a few days back I started using it. I don't know why! It's like awesome!

My weekend has been so great so far but it's all due to all the last minute changes. Initially I was suppose to attend Breathe (living without smoking campaign) but they called me I don't have to come because they don't need so many manpower. So I was fine with it since a friend from Indonesia was here so I thought I could host her and friends. But then the plan changed again so I called up a friend to ask if he has anything for me to do, so there I was at Breathe!

It's great to make some new friends in the event and bump into one ex-school mate! Awesome! The radio they gave us is so jia-lat it can't make up its mind to go which channel. It keeps on changing by itself. How am I suppose to listen to 98.7FM then?

Thanks to my dad he lent me the car and the parking charges soared high. I saw a Malaysian Bentley broke down in front of The Hereen! Awesome! Since I get to go gaga over that car while I was standing around that area... So for that time I was taking advantage of their trouble of waiting by the road side for the tow truck! Guess what, I was there about 2pm and the Bentley was towed at 7pm! They could have just gone shopping while waiting for the tow truck. Oh wait, it's a Bentley, how can they leave it on the roadside by itself right!

For these few days I need coffee because my term test is around the corner and I need the stimulant to keep my brain activated. I realize when I study my body is switched on but brain switched off. I bet it's not only my problem but some others too. At times I feel I should just have a computer brain but Einstein did say that our brain is faster than computer. So shan't risk that!

Sex and The City 2 is out already and I'm so excited to watch it because it's set in Dubai! It's one of my favorite countries. I've always imagined life with Arabian style. Probably because one of my grandfather is an Arab so I guess it kinda stick to me? But it's kinda far fetched. Whatever. So Nat, don't give me spoilers okay!

When will the eBay items be sent to my house? I need protection for my BB! I'm gonna hate my phone if it has scratches. This is my training phone before getting any phone made from gold, sapphire or rubies. Just kidding!

School is killing me. We have to do a proposal on incentive travel at such a short notice. Submission is this coming Tuesday.Test is coming soon. Wish me all the best. Awesome. :)

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