Sunday Hangout

Hey peeps how you doin'? Good? Yeah, I'm doing good in case you ask. It's not normal to go out on Sunday because I'm more of like indoor kind of person. I guess that makes me a little introvert, being preoccupied with my own thoughts and all. Not that I hate outdoors. I do love going out and play in the sun but it depends on the timing. I usually do those stuffs during holidays and when the sun is not so fierce! Yeah, yeah, all you people will be like "Then NS how?Cannot stand the sun uh?". You people are oh so judgmental!

Today's plan was to complete all school assignment and probably start on revision a little bit and I was suppose to meet Aunt Rit at SIN but again, change of plans. Thought of eating Popeye's because suddenly I just had this sudden crave for Popeye's. So I thought going airport would be awesome. The other week I had a craving for fried 'kuay teow' with cockles then now I want Popeye's fish and biscuit. It seems awesome eh?

The plan took it's turn when my friend Nana was online. We were chatting about going out and since I was already ready to go out we were talking about where to go. We even thought of going to Escape theme park since the entry was free but it seems like it's gonna rain. We decided to study instead since our test is around the corner!

We had an awesome catch up. I think this year our mum hang out together more often than us!

I got to make more plans to go out whenever I could otherwise my brain will shrink to the size of pea and I will lack human interaction. Online communication is killing my human touch and it's like isolating myself from the world.

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