They Come and Go

You judges, don't judge this post to be an emotional one, even though I am not entirely happy right now but I'm still kinda over the moon about several stuffs.

New Bought Baby (BB)
I'm single, and I'm ready to mingle. With my new BB now I can do lots of social stuffs, be more efficient, don't get bored easily, and of course, I don't mind long journeys anymore because I have my new soul mate. I was annoyed for the first few days using it not that there's anything wrong with the phone. I just thought there was something wrong with the phone. See here's the thing, I go to school but school don't teach me stuffs like how to use my BB or how to sign up for plans and all. (So much for school preparing for our future life, just kidding). So I was a little overwhelmed with "What kind of service is this?" and when I contacted them, finally they said they had just activated my data. Nice work, very nice. I'm still trying to get use with the keys probably because my hand is too big but I'm relatively fast in typing. All in all, I'm in love with it so much now I wonder if life will ever be the same again without it. Rest assured, diminishing returns won't set it that soon for now.

Better yet! I had just bought 2 new colored casing, and a sport armband case online! Hopefully this could be my new motivation to run around my estate like merry-go-round and nobody's business, with my new BB in arm and running through the beat of the music.

On the downside, like continental cars that uses up a lot of energy, it's so synonym for this. So I guess tapping the school's electricity will be a norm for me in times to come. I even thought there was something wrong with it, AGAIN until further research. I guess I won't be selling my "ex" away because I could use Skype and talk for free for hours.

Texas Girl!
One of my best secondary school mate flew off to Texas for her holidays! I'm so green, I'm telling you. But I'm happy for her more than being green. After all that she had been through she deserve this trip and get more inspiration for her art or something! Ward! Please remember to buy and get the me the things I asked you to get like those freebies you got from SIA (Refer to list 1.0) and all the good stuffs that I asked you to get me, but please call me before purchasing it. Your Crocodile luggage better lay eggs!

I am glad I was there at her house before she flew off. Apart from meeting Neesha and Illys, I asked Ward to buy something that's kinda important before heading on for heading to the States. Which she didn't know about until I told her. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

P/S: If you happen to go to Mexico, get for me a picture of Ugly Betty and Suarez family if they're in town okay. Just kidding!

Weekend Not-Well-Spent
My definition of weekend, go out go home, sleep, do laundry, clean my ever-cleaned bedroom, do some school work, and sleep and wait for Monday to come. Okay, I'm not saying it's not-well-spent totally because I enjoyed going to RP for Forum Perdana. Enjoyed the skit because one of the cast happen to be a relative. Kinda enjoyed the food but was annoyed there was insufficient tables around (I can't use both fork and spoon, which was so enraging, especially when I'm hungry.) Other than that, it's all good. The Cultural Center was so cold!

I was so tired on Sunday I slept early, for about more than 8-hours. I'm having a breakout soon I think. So I really have to watch out.

Have a great week ya'll!

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