Unforgiving Times

School has been fine, same old same. I realize all of our lecture are mass lecture, which means to say the concentration from one lecturer has to be spread out to about 120 students. What does that say? Go figure.

I have the car all by myself this weekend, but I have no plans just yet, except to visit someone in the hospital and go out for dinner with my relatives. Of course when I get home I need to do my 5 marks presentation with minimum of 5 slides on IT. Cheapo and almost negligible, I know. Imagine 1 mark given per slide, including my cover page, actually it's kinda good bargain. Of course I still believe my school is trying their best to give and get us better grades.

The weather here has not been forgiving. Not that we're having hurricane, tornado or anything destructive in case anybody from the other part of the world reads this. It's so, so hot, and humid. Anything could have been baked or cooked in this torrid heat. I read somewhere that the sun sooner or later will cool down but it doesn't seem like it! I have to think on what to wear everyday (in terms of color and material that absorbs minimal heat) so that I don't sweat like a leaking hose reel. For the past few nights I've been repositioning myself to sleep under the A/C, which is kinda fun to change the way I sleep in my own bedroom once in a while.

This morning after sending my parents off and before redeeming my sleeping hours back, I was blog hopping (so much time huh?) and chance upon this particular post that says:

"Mistreating another person is the equivalent of sticking your finger in a socket. There are repercussions because all humans contain a divine spark in their souls.

Today, whether it be friend or foe, family or stranger, warranted or unwarranted ­ treat people right."

P/S: I'm still waiting for "The Call". How much longer do I have to wait?

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