The Best for Test

It's my test week and for the entire five days I will be busy revising. Yes, I've written my notes and all because I know I will have other things to do apart from studying during weekends and what I figured indeed came into reality. So today was spent mugging and it's not easy to concentrate because it's the first paper and the engine had just started. So it's not so warmed up yet.

After this week I will get a few days rest and I will be off for my vacation. That would be so awesome because I'm in need to lay my eyes on something that is not like concrete jungle. Living in the city is fun but what are the chances of you laying your eyes on the beauty of mother nature right?
So after this vacation I will be planning my reunion party (hopefully I can pull it off this time, in the name of event student!). The guest list has been up though more things will be included soon enough. Cross fingers most of you will come! I'm quite excited for this years reunion (really hope it turns out well), so please keep your November/December as free as possible okay!

Plus, I have yet to book my flight for next year's travel plan. Fiz! Meet up soon and we'll talk into this okay! Awesome.

Wish me luck cause I really need it. Ciao!

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