Manifestasi 2010

Last night's adaptation of 'Bujur Lalu Melintang Patah' was awesome. Just so you know, I heard it was adapted from a literature text so for those who'll be taking their A's and need some insights for better understanding, you went for the right show. For those who didn't (or went for a strip show!) I guess you'll have to study the hard way!

I drove to TPJC last night and I was told by my best friend Syaz I was not suppose to park in school so I took the liberty to park at the HDB parking nearby and sacrificed my brain cells to think on what coupon to put and how to put the coupon! It's mind boggling! Then I saw several guests car parked in school! Nice...

Anyway this year I was late, thanks to this legally black best friend, Ms K... I have to make one big turn around MJC because the other side of the field gate is closed and she couldn't make her way through. If only you're skinner, you can squeeze yourself through the gate without having me to press on the accelerator pedal. Period. Anyway, of course then she did redeem herself by allowing me to make jokes on her. Awesome. But somehow she always think whatever I said has to be a joke! Dangerous.

After the event we headed up for dinner and Zahidah joined us. Fun much! We were kinda lost on where to go after dinner and Zahidah thought it would be fun to tour the entire island (fun-fair is it!?) or go to MBS while it's already late! MBS is not even open at that hour (referring to the malls) unless you want to go gambling (no I don't think so!). End up we decided to go home and I badly wanna hit the sack then!

I guess that made my Friday. Syaz told me I was like him 5 years ago! ROFL! Signing off now. Have a great weekend! Here's (on your right) one of my old friend who's one of the most important pillars to the success of tonight's show!

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