Redang Island

Right, I was in Barbados. Whoever really took my word for it, give yourself one tight slap. Okay, I'm kidding. My economy is not that "atas" (up) for such a wondrous adventure so traveling to neighboring country would be fine, just for the "feel". Laugh all you want, especially those who didn't get a chance to travel overseas for other commitments back home. Argh, cut the crap.

Redang Island is good. Clear blue sea and you can see the fishes and coral from the boat without goggles. The accommodation was terrible. Redang Lagoon Chalet is a no-no for anybody even if you think going to dirty toilet and sandy bed is an adventurous thing to do. By the looks of it I was quite disappointed already. Nevermind the facade. When I got in, the chalet has 2 floors where the top one is just bed without AC, just fan and windows. No side tables, no nothing. Did I say bed? I mean mattress. The mattress was dusty and so sandy I have to really beat up the mattress so the dust would fly out of the wooden lock defunct window. They could use a little laundry softener because the bedsheet was so rough and too crispy I could probably buff my rough soles with it. The wooden flooring and walls need some serious manicure and varnishing because it could just cut anybody's feet/fingers who's not careful.

The toilet is like dirty hell hole. Dirty, smelly and a little slimy. Not kidding. Probably that's why when you go to their website, they don't even show a picture of the toilet. The water flow is so small it took me more than my usual time to take my shower. Plus, I don't feel clean even after shower because the water flow rate is like my tears going down my cheeks. Slow and small I could cry not having a proper, satisfying shower. No mirrors in the toilet, and no shelves to put my toiletries (god knows my abundant collection of body cleaning agents). I could literally go insane in the toilet. The best part, there's no telephone to make calls or order people to clean the toilet or whatever room service.

The itinerary and activities available totally, purely a downer big time. They only have snorkeling in their itinerary list, for the 3 days 2 nights. Snorkeling at 3 different places, with no variety of activities like diving, canoeing, trekking or whatsoever. So practically that place is like one big slum with people going for snorkeling only. Imagine at least half of the chalet population goes snorkeling. It's like snorkeling pilgrim, honestly. Thank goodness the snorkeling sites are wonderful except one, due to heavy downpour and to many people at one site.

The peak took its hit when my brother lost his spare phone (how irony for spare phones to be lost) and our neighbor lost about RM1000 on top of that, my cousins RM100 was lost as well. Duh, police report has been made and probably need to call the insurance agent for the stone age phone and my stolen RM20. Here's the thing, their doors knob is the conventional bedroom door that one, anybody can breakthrough, and two, any spare/master key is available and can be duplicated. This probably happen while we were away putting down our faces in the water trying to figure out what type of fish we are looking at. So then he/they probably had their shopping spree from room to room while we were away.

The awkward thing was, stone aged phone got stolen and a RM20 from my wallet (damn you touch my Bally without permit!) except my BlackBerry that was bare beside the plug and I brought my spare "StrawBerry" phone as well just in case. Credit cards left untouched. Even my library books. (Probably they are that illiterate). So we figured they don't know how to use the high end phones or even PSP (because it was lying around naked beside the stolen phone!). Poor brother now has got no spare phone. Really, thank God my phone is not stolen because firstly, it's new, secondly, I don't intend to get Vertu (the best phone) just yet and thirdly, I will be more than pissed and bring down the entire island because I don't want my data/contacts and all to be lost. Yeah, if my Storm II is lost, Storm III is coming out right that instant.

Only one thumbs up, even so, the buffet is only one round (they don't top up) and the variety is just chicken and fish just in different dishes laid alternately. I could literally die. It's like living the life of refugee. Each morning I put both my hands up and pray "God, spare me." It's that bad. The food were not bad though.

Enough of negativity. Of course I won't put this to rest, even if it's not my property that's lost (majorly) I feel violated that my room was broken into. Zuji and friends sure will get a copy of this, though probably less explicit version. There were no safe boxes invested so I guess it won't be a place I would want to visit again and I mean Redang Lagoon Chalet. The island is fantastic!

Stayed a night in Cherating and had a dose of soft fish crackers (Keropok Lekor). Totally awesome. Now I'm so tired of it. Today I'm gonna have a full rest and probably 'detox' myself before heading full gear for a new dreadful term (for once, I'm really dreading school because of the test). How on earth can I be a good student with lousy lecturer(s) who seems to be like ineligible to teach a bunch of bimbos and himbos. School mustn't be this hard. School should be fun. The essence of it has gone. So I'm gonna be back with some roaring fun! Sigh, I hate being mean you know.

This holiday season I had lots of snacks that's full of monosodium glutamate and whatnot. Gotta fast (except water) for a week not for payback, but for health. Ciao!

P/S: FYI, the pictures are for you to see, separately from the long winded entry. Nothing related. =)

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