Today my life is full of colors. Red, blue, purple, magenta, yellow, orange, you name it, I saw the full spectrum of colors this afternoon with my mate Htee. We went to SGF. I was quite surprised to see the bunch of tourist and golden aged people buying their gardening needs and whatnot. Some are even wheelchair bound. How impressive that was, coming down all the way to the heart of Singapore for goodies and gardening needs.

Apparently I was early so I had time to go round Raffles City and got myself something. I missed out buying several needs but I shall go back to M&S soon. There's more than one outlet in anyway.

I was at the SGF for different reason. Nothing to do with gardening or landscaping. Someone even asked if I'm in the landscaping industry. I said no. I appreciate landscaping but it's not something I live to learn.

Sadly, not much freebies. Probably they're afraid all those "kiasu" people will just snatch and grab, and probably kidnap the guy who holds on to the freebies as well. I'm not suggesting, but you know who the main audiences are. They would kill for free stuffs. Hey, it's not a crime, but still got to be sane when snatching away free stuffs.

Apparently there was a photo booth, so we took the opportunity to have our snapshot. By the way, we were clueless where the rest of my classmates went until we were about to leave, we saw them. We went to have our dessert cum dinner. I was full by a plate of waffle. Well, my plate is never empty, thankfully, but sometimes it's more than I could chew. This calls for a bigger mouth and stomach and system.

This slipped off my mind many times, but thanks Deb & Qide for keeping my BB charger for me. Appreciate it loads!

You're the only exception.

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