Gulp! Gulp!

A little quickie before I go off and do my school work and anything related to work. As you would have known, final year is not an easy year. A lot of things to do and time is never on our side at this stage but thankfully, I managed to steal some time to go swimming with my classmate QY, since she's so engrossed about being fit and whatnot, so I figured it would be nice to have a company. After all my workout buddies are simply irregular and swimming was not in the list until last week.

After an unproductive morning in the class listening to presentation where only lecturers bother to listen (I think?) we headed to the pool. Being the newbie I am, okay not so newbie the last time I swam was 5-6 years ago so go figure my swimming skills. There are several reason why I hate swimming...
  1. The smell of chlorine chokes me
  2. The smell of chlorine sticks on the skin for a day even after strong smelling soap
  3. My skin gets darker
  4. Accidentally drink water in the pool and water gets into every opening of your senses. Your eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin
Since my school swimming pool has no chlorine as they claimed since they use ionized water, I took their word for it and true! No chlorine smell! Although QY said there was.

I was practically struggling (swimming go bonkers!) and water was splashing everywhere, not smooth at all! I bet people from the gym or from the food court were laughing but I swallowed my pride. I don't have goggles so I bought it from Cheers nearby, really how convenient that was. I guess it was money well spent because it includes ear plug! Awesome much!

For the time being whenever I go swimming, I gotta stay by the side of the pool just in case I get too exhausted. Come on, it's Olympic pool, cut me some slack! I have to pause swimming four times to get from one end to the other. I guess my stamina is no match for QY's just yet! Hope it gets better soon!

No my body is aching all over. I need to sleep but it's not the time yet. Ciao!

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