Resort World Sentosa

Somehow lifestyle of mine since the start of the second term seems to be holiday, still. Should I be happy? Probably. Worried? Forever more. On the first week of holidays I was in Redang, then a week after that in Bali, then today, I was in Resort World Sentosa (RWS). Only this time, for different motive, school!

Being shuttled and all, team mates and I went around RWS like nobody's business taking photographs (the only free thing to do there perhaps!). I felt small because the made-made marvels are obviously huge! The colors of the building made me feel like I'm in a real animation movie with turquoise roofing and the lazuli colored sky as the backdrop. You probably don't care as much as I do, but I'm loving what my eyes laid on.

Apparently the merchandise sold in Hard Rock (Singapore) is pretty much disappointing. Mainly apparels and tonnes of mugs. Even Bali has more variety like hand phone holder (I have one by my side), credit card holder, umbrella, bath robe, bath mat and other stuffs!

Since we're not suppose to be splurging our money there, hope we're not trespassing(!), we had lots of photographs by 'beach pool'. Similar concept to Bali's Hard Rock, but smaller scale. Still! I regret for not swimming there while I was in Bali! Major period!

The next time I go out to any place, I must really find out what color the organization's uniform/theme color for their staff. Here's the thing, I was at Giant Hypermart and I wore the same color tone as the staff. Then I was in Hard Rock, wearing the same tone, AGAIN! You know what I should do, I can do something like the credit card advert where the person was trying to camouflage with the theater's wall to sneak into the movies!

After RWS, I headed home and BAM! on my bed. I napped for about 3 hours. Is that even called a nap... Now I'm awake, dinner awaits. That's why I should worry if my school days feel like vacation.

I shall get started on my essays so I can free up my time to read my book! Reading makes your imagination run wild in a good way.

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