Cease to Exist

I was in the train and happen to find out one thing. It spoils my day. Whatever happen to those good old days? I know I should not have let my heart rule my brain. It could have worked for a no-brainer but I took chances. I thought things would have changed or at least things will change but no. I felt so used. I don't believe in horoscopes because I define my own life, personality and destiny, but somehow it seems to reflect the state I was a few days back up till today. I should have never played with fire.

This is why I'd prefer to deal with what I love to deal with. No emotional turmoil because it's simply one thing: it's a non-living thing. So never argue with me why I don't get emotionally attached or whatnot. Being in those kind of situations will just bring you to extreme ends of emotions. Even some would do things that's beyond imagination. Everything will just get in my way.

However I shall be strong in facing these ordeals. Who says life was ever going to be easy. Every dark corners now I shall make it nitid for a safer path to happiness.

Nothing goes beyond this space. I don't have to elaborate. I am going to put them in imaginary chest, lock it with a lock I will never find, only taking the lessons from it, at sink it to the seabed of my past. You will never hear me speak of this again after this entry.

I won't complain forever on my life mishaps.

I had a long day yesterday. I happen to feel more pressure than any of them because as the important day approaches, they are simply unnerved! But I guess it's part and parcel of being them. I was once like them, but probably worse. Go figure how mischievous I was then.

After all those hurdles draining their energy so that they absorb the knowledge I want to impart, my relatives and family fetched me. We headed to Henderson Waves and had my own feast at the KTM Railway Station. I was famished. Even that word seems to be understatement. I went for two rounds of meal and speaking of this makes me hungry again.

The night ended with a 'needs' shopping spree at Mustafa Centre (24/7 mall is the best idea in retail) with Syaz because I had to get my sports bag and stock up urgently and I barely have the time to even hit the heartland mall. Besides, my heartland mall is deprived of men stuffs.

I'm done writing. Have a good week!

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