Buyers Gone Crazy

As most of you might have the luxury to break fast at home, today I don't. In fact I'd prefer breaking fast at home, or somewhere secluded for many reasons.

I was in campus this afternoon to update on the project report. Final year project is hard work. No matter what, I still like the fact that because my team mates and I did our work in our lecturer's office, we have the luxury of getting the full blast of A/C on a hot day. The weather is unpredictable these days.

My appointments after which were canceled and new appointment came up last minute. Totally could not make it for the latter because I was somewhere else far away. Met Nat and we toured Orchard Road shopping belt. Finally I've found a new belt after ages of searching for the right one!

I know, I know, once I tweeted about writing an agreement between me and myself not to shop anymore because I felt I spend too much, which I did but it's for a good cause. Things were on sale (it's fun to be cheapo), and Eid is coming soon, I won't have time for anymore shopping trips, and exams are coming up so shopping is the last thing I would want to do. I have to use this impromptu time (by waiting for people, by walking past the mall, or by writing a full list of to-buy-things) to shop. This has to stop for a while for more than one reason.

While waiting for the call for prayer to commence break fast, that's what we did. Nat and I then kept on complaining about buyers remorse. Nice. To be honest I felt a little guilty going beyond my limit but in the light of the things that happened to me recently, I think I deserve to be rewarded. It's a lesson well learnt.

Okay, I've recovered from buyers remorse.

I love fasting month not only because I can detox myself. It's a month to seek solace and peace within myself.

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