The 10 Things I Love

I'm bored because I have free time, at this hour before I head to sleep and my mind is never empty you should know that. I just want to share the 10 things I like to do. Read if you want because I''m here in my own space to kill time before drowsiness kicks in.

1. Myself
I bet everybody does. As you grow up you'll appreciate life more especially when you think you know what the future has for you. As a teenager I don't think we can determine how bright our future will be by judging from our current position in education/work alone. It takes effort to be where you are, and so far I'm loving it because whatever effort I made comes with a reward: self-satisfaction.

2. Gym
Common place for most boys and some girls. To be honest, running rounds, carrying weights and time keeping is not something I'd love to do when working out but I think with this practice you can be more disciplined. I don't know how far you can go, but so far going the pool and gym has been fun with my mates. Good way to socialize, and at the same time get fit. It's like killing two birds with one gun. Anyway, it's the fasting month and don't think I'd laze around. Doing house chores for spring cleaning is a form of exercise too!

3. Wardrobe
My wardrobe is like Narnia... When you enter it brings you to another world: the fashion world. Okay, kidding, I was being dramatic. I have a humble collection of clothes but I do love them because this is where I see my money hanging. I have a variety of clothes, so don't judge my collections! I love seeing myself as a knight in shining Armani. LOL! Although, I'd prefer style to fashion. Style over fad.

4. FadPad
Thinking of iPad? Think FadPad. This can't get any lamer! What I mean is my bedroom. When I moved into this house, I wanted a bigger room but because of my late grandmother and siblings, I'm given a smaller room, but to myself. I can't afford my own bachelor's pad because I'm not wealthy, so getting a bedroom to myself is a privilege! I feel that a person's traits is pasted all over the walls of their home just from the looks of it and I think it's true. From the looks of my arranged bookshelves, draped curtains, non-dusty frames, what can you tell about me? This is the place I feel safe where I connect with people without getting any disease passed down, or shop without have to walk and concentrate on the things I do.

5. Notebook
My notebook is a stone age notebook but it's still as good as new. My friends and relatives would have known and commented on it because it's clean and it's shiny. What's more, it's efficient! Annoyed with several scratched though. I have this habit of checking for viruses and defragmenting my disk every now and then. Uninstall any applications not needed and delete any obsolete files. So if they say this brand I'm using is lousy, probably the user is. Just kidding!

6. Wallet
It's not fat, but it's full of beautiful membership cards and whatnot. I like flipping through my card holder and browse the Polaroid pictures given by my friends too if I'm bored. The most personal unique card I have is my license because the date I got it is exactly 10 months from my birth date.

7. Organizer
It's like a quest map for the year, month and day. I'll lose track of the things I want to do and enjoy if I don't keep and eye on it. Trust me, ignoring that book will make me wander what should I do for the day and for the next few days. Will I hangout or will I have another plan? I will feel better if I have a lot of things to do and this does not mean work, just so you know.

8. Perfumes
A collection of it for different day and occasions. My favorite is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani but I'm finishing up other bottles before getting that one again. I've smelt so many people using it, so I guess it's not only my favorite.

9. Traveling
I know! Out of all things, an interest is stuck here. It's not even a thing! The best part of traveling is the flight and sight seeing. Taking flights it's like a fetish! With traveling all other interest kicks in, DUH. Photography. Shopping. Sigh seeing. Writing. Just name it.

Now all my social networking tools is under one roof. Text. Facebook. Twitter. Skype. MSN. Google Talk. BBM. Phone calls. Read documents. Push-mail all in one and reachable within several clicks. All I need is an internet connection. I know these days all other phone has these functions too but I know what makes mine tick! Kidding! =P

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