The Last Supper

School Drools...
Today is simply awesome because good gracious was I late for my test but the test have not started! There was this massive jam at ECP and along Parkway Parade, it was estimated that I will reach Buona Vista in half hour. How can I not be panicked? I tried contacting school, the BE office and whatever means of communication. If only there's smoke signal and Morse code to send, saying that I'm unavoidably late... If only life is that simple.

It's the holidays, cum exam season. Tough choice!

After which my dad fetched me to choose my blinds. I think I need them because pasting newspaper on my bedroom window to prevent the direct sunlight is a 'so-not-me' thing to do but I won't deny, it's the most creative thing that I would do in times of desperation. Being the non-artistic person I am, I don't like messy stuffs like newspaper to be pasted all over my window. Neatness, cleanliness, tidiness is my thing. I'm quite square.

Once done, I headed back home and canceled on my hair appointment since people commented it's still short, and I'm tired from the 2-hour staring game with my notebook this morning. I decided to take a nap and wake up to get ready for dinner. Choosing my outfit for tonight was so troublesome. How often do we have to do wardrobe maintenance?

Then comes dinner...
This is the last grand supper for the week because the rest of the days I'll be back to square one: staying in.

One of my best friend owe me a ride but because of the last minute changes on his part, I was disappointed. I will not deny that because I didn't even bother to bring my ez-link card but loads of thanks to his dad that we managed to cabto The Grand Hyatt for our dinner. In the cab as compared to being driven by a friend: it's different experience.

In my experience when driving with my buddies, we have all the freedom to switch on our loud music and don't bother about what other people think of our music collection because there is simply no one else in the car (unless you're talking about something supernatural) whereas in the bus or in the cab, you can't say whatever you want, you can't 'curse' whoever you want and you can't listen to the music you want loudly.

Back to the dinner, finally I get to meet Fifi after ages of her missing in action. I wonder what has she been up to but tonight was three of us reunite with sumptuous buffet dinner in front of us.

We celebrated our birthdays. The belated one and the upcoming one because we didn't have the chance to celebrate it together so this is the first time having dinner together and hang out. Otherwise we would be spending our time at my house slumbering.

You know, when I'm full, I feel like I won't have to eat forever but when I'm hungry, I feel like I can eat forever. Himbotic remark but I bet this applies to all of you.

What's next?
Currently apart from blogging, I'm munching on potato wedges and fish. I just feel like munching even when I'm full! Tomorrow: Study. I hate being a cliche but as a student, I can't run away from it. I also need to tidy up and clear away some dust in my room, and freshen up the air. Need to open up the windows and let all the stale air out. I guess tonight is the pre-revision for my F&B because of the food I 'dunked' myself into. I feel like a puffer fish. You must know, buffet dinner is not a eat-it-all dining restaurant. The humor from F&B lectures still linger in my head. Till then, I'm off.

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