One Day Celebration, Celebrated a Month

I've been gone from blogging world for about two weeks. Today I'm back with several news, dated since the first day of Eid, and I realize several things... It is...

The day you see color-coded families.
The first day of Eid is always cheerful with families with clothes of the similar color and it only looks good if it's traditional outfit. Try that in western outfit, you'll look totally weird. Probably because some Malay families are too big (yes, some of us are big in making babies) in this way you (i) won't lose your child (ii) identify who belongs to which family in a large group photo. Those are just for laughs, but I guess we're a breed of people who loves unity.

The day where we forgive and be forgiven.
The beauty of Eid is the cliche sentence "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin." which means "Happy Eid, I seek forgiveness from physical and mental/spiritual ill-doings." What we mean by those term is that we seek forgiveness from our physical ill-doings and our hearts from keeping hatred, incitement etc. Seen or unseen ill-doings. So in a way the bond in a relationship is renewed and started on a clean slate.

The day most things are brand new.
Like Christmas, Chinese New Year and other festive celebration, we would like to renew and redeem ourselves. So most of our homes are decorated with some new furniture, new clothes and accessories. Personally, my house can't escape from new furniture due to wear and tear. Festive seasons has its purpose after all.

The day we visit old relatives, and the poor ones.
Otherwise, when will you ever step into a poor family house or old people's house? Especially when our schedule is so consumed with career, own family, and personal commitments, this is the best time to visit them.

The day your draw out your own family map.
This is when you will find who marries who, and who's doing what, and other latest updates where you can't find in social networking sites like Facebook. Who's pregnant, and who's not. Who's a live and who's dead. Of course the ultimate purpose is to find out how are you related to your relatives.

The day the economy recovers.
In a way, yes, because kids love to spend, and kids love the part where they get alms giving (money) from the elder ones. Hence, triggering the money-multiplier effect. Especially when F1 season coincides with the month of Syawal, I bet most of them will be out shopping. What's more in preparation for Eid, money is spent too!

So what have I been up to?

For the past two weeks, I've been doing the things I love, the things I've planned and the things I've wanted to do ever since before school vacation. Now that most of the time is in my hands, I have the liberty to do them! I've been reading, passing down the torch to the several important people, and of course, I can't run away from visiting friends and relatives in the light of Eid.

Last night was my open house, and I am sorry if some of you did not receive the invitation because my house isn't as big as the community center and I wouldn't want the building authority to come over to my place and do an inspection only to find out there's overcrowding! Okay, I'm just joking but because of the last minute plan, and obstruction from my other activities, I did not have the luxury to text or Facebook invite everyone. This does not mean my house is only open for a day! Once again, I apologize.

I realize for the past few Eid, my open house coincides with F1 Grand Prix. Probably the next time we shall have F1 theme around the house. Checkered black and white tiles and carpets, upholstery and checkered traditional outfit. Imagine that!

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