End of Great Things

We humans create our own journey in our lives. At times, some of us know where does our road lead to, while some are not so sure if the route is suitable enough or safe enough for them for every road taken there's a risk. There are even some who are willing to take the risk without seeing the ordeals that may come but I am sure that all of us have experienced all those three 'prophecies of life'. At times we are sure, at times we are not and at times, we just feel like doing it on trial and error basis.

For the past two years, there are many things that happened to me that I've experienced personally that made me grow a little more mature than any of my own age. Some are shared, while some are just personal successes and failures.

Those days were rich with memories and experiences which I took responsibility for in every success and failure of it. At least I know, I'm answerable for every action I took. It's just a matter of wanting to answer it or not.

Let's just begin with yesterday. Last night was the final night of doing one of the many the things I love to do, enlightening someone with knowledge. It all started three years ago, and yesterday was the last one. I felt satisfied getting a chance to arm them with what they need for their war. I would like to wish all of them all the best in every aspect of their life, may they see the sunny side of life always. I know, I may not be the favorite, I may not be the nicest, that probably left some swearing, crying and whatnot, but believe me, it's for your own good, kiddos.

First week of school had been taxing, with school work piling up, and Final Year Project report that's due I don't know when, and all the site visits and events we have to attend, I've decided it's best to leave all else aside except school. For the next few months, I will be devoting myself to school. I miss getting paid just to smile to people and being well taken care of.

Despite deciding to concentrate just on school, I do have my 'life's project' that has to continue. Like other normal human being, I make plans too. I've yet to talk to my 'sifu(s)'

NAPFA this evening ached my entire body. I will be needing my recovery sleep soon. It was awesome to run in cool weather.

For every ending there's a new beginning.

Ada pepatah yang berbunyi "Sekali kena, dua kali mahu. Kedua kali cuba, hari-hari mahu." tetapi nampak gaya, bagi saya, "Sekali kena, dua kali malu. Kedua kali cuba, sudah pasti jemu."

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