SEX: Sleep, Eat, Excercise

Read all religious text and you'll realize what you need in life is balance. Watching Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts reminds me of Dr Ernest Wong's course I went 3 years back, that tells us to have a good sleep, eat good food, and exercise in order for us to have a balanced and well-maintained body. These days, with unbearable and undecided weather, it is important to keep ourselves healthy. True?

The movie was good to me because its humour is not so intense where you can't get a break from laughing, neither a boring romance movie that bore will bore you to tears. I enjoyed myself very much especially since I'm accompanied by Fiz, and Fifi.

It was quite long though. It's like flying from Singapore to Bali. Heh. Headed to Spize Supper Club after movie and thanks for the dinner treat! Couldn't help laughing at Fifi's smeared lipstick.

Today we went over to Fifi's house for an event, and I love the buffet. Chapati, Fried Laksa, Yong Tau Fu, and fruit cocktail is so appetizing. Gosh, now I'm hungry again. When you get into her house, there's more, spring rolls, layered cakes, birthday cake, drumsticks, and some cheesy sandwich. So if you happen to be there, you'll never die of hunger. The kids were wonderful playing all the classic games like London Bridge and Musical Chair. I had a great time.

I have a busy week since it's the final week of my school holidays and my physical test is coming soon. Wish me all the best!

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