The Funny Thingy

Warning: Although no pictures, this is probably not suitable for the ones below 18. No pictures, you're not suppose to see one in the first place! This is not some dirty story though, just so you know.

I can't wait to let this off my chest. If you think this post is disgusting leave it and in no way I'm framing anyone to be silly but the situation was really in fact silly.

Ever since Adam and Eve were sent to Earth, they realize they're naked so they feel shy by putting on clothes so showing off your 'thingy' is just so awkward and just so wrong, especially on the wrong timing.

I had my medical check-up this afternoon. No phones with camera, means I have to surrender my BlackBerry hence the deprivation to Tweet, Facebook or even read the news while waiting. Apparently it was not as bad as I thought, the process went quite smoothly from one station to another until this particular station: Station 6.

I have to wait for my call number which was 9 to go. I waited so long, stuck at this station because there were only 4 rooms functioning and the number of boys there exceed the number of service providers they have. I waited for like what, 45 minutes? The came my turn. I handed my documents to the officer/doctor (whatever they are called, so hard to distinguish when they are doctors in military uniform.

'Okay, bring down your pants and underwear to your knee level.' I did just that with reluctance. Duh, who is ever comfortable with that, flasher?

'Okay, take off your clothes.' Again, reluctantly, I did that slowly and half way through, he said 'Put back your shirt.' I gave a silent sigh of relieve. Note, my pants is still down with my shirt on, half of it still covers that 'thingy'.

Then he instructed 'Put your shirt back.'

I was clueless and I thought it was my normal himbo moments and I even thought my shirt was put on inside out that he asked me to 'put back' to make it right. I checked my shirt, duh, it's put on properly!

I can't help it but to show my face of blankness. What is he talking about?

'You can put back your pants on.'
'OH! *in my mind, was that what he really meant?*'

Guess what, that took me less than a minute and I'm out from the room, completed that station. I bumped into Naim. He waited with me, and he knows how short the test was for me. I was so amused and I know I did no wrong. The 'milidoc' aka military-doctor (not a formal vocab, don't learn from me) must have been so engrossed with something else I think. Okay, I'm just kidding.

So that's that for a short update. I hope you're all amused with that silly encounter. Presentation tomorrow, heading to be dearly. Good night!

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