All or Nothing.

No one would ever understand. No one.

I know ever since that day, this day would come and it did. I knew it.

So much for making legacy. Whoever fault was that, you should go back into your mother's womb , come out and relearn your ABC's and 123's so you get your facts right or probably don't put false hope on people. I don't care if it's honest mistake or otherwise because grow up, we are not in a world that leaves anything to chance. Not even terrorist attack, so why should you be spared? You should be fired because what's at stake is someone else's future or at least someone else's pride. Your irresponsibility is as good as a hit-and-run case.

You'd say I'm making a big deal out of this but you probably don't care about results but I do. Or probably you're just so selfish you wouldn't stand along by my side on this principle. I'm not going to take a no-credit when I'm so related to what I did.

After spending so much time and effort into this, readjusting according to expectations, and only to know it was tweaked by some scatterbrain who was busy with something the day before over an occasion the rest don't even care, and only to get result from their empty shell who know nuts about quality and gives poor contributions, I'd rather be more grateful to those that I've silenced and feel they had done nothing but the fact they had made my life easier by letting me do my job quietly. I mean it.

I shouldn't have let anyone touch my masterpiece. No wonder museums create boundaries around their expensive art.

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