Burger King and Queens

I didn't believe it at first but it was true, Burger King has indeed conquered my campus! How can I be so oblivious to the latest news of my school?

See, being at this age is not as easy as you think it is. It's not easy staying hip, cool and happening. You have to keep in touch with friends from the past and present (and get their latest update in case any teacher I bump were to ask me for information), get updated with current affairs around the world otherwise you'll just be an empty shell, get updated with the Hollywood entertainment news otherwise you'll be person without culture, get updated with the local entertainment news otherwise it will get sucked by black hole, and on top of all these, you have to remember what you've learned in school otherwise you're bound to fail and appear in failbook.com. And you have to stay fit throughout if you don't want to serve time in the hospital. I'm being totally lame but the point is, it's hard to achieve balance in life, so is if you're imbalanced.

So, the same question goes when I got a BB message, WhatsApp and everywhere else: what's up?

Finally I've found a good use for my discman. All these while I don't see the point of using it since I can play music on my notebook, BlackBerry and generic MP3 (I got this for my rugged activities so there will be no heart pain if it gets broken) I know it's stone age to own a discman but I'm so proud to have taken care of it since I was twelve and now even after seven years it's still working. I really got to thank my dad for this. He bought it for me when I was twelve because I want it so badly and I thank the one above for giving me good hands to take care of this vintage item. Hence, this puts all my bought albums to a good use too. Rather than suppressing them in the drawer now it has a reason to play. I guess it's not bad to be an album hoarder after all.

School has been great. I can't say I'm so stressed out neither can I say I'm so free. Most of you would have read my status in Facebook dated a week back.

A concept learnt from the working world. It's best, in my opinion to do all my school work in school and do minimal at home. In this way I can watch tonnes of Gossip Girl, Cougar Town, 90210, and whatnot. Better yet, sleep with a sound mind. This does not say I'm not watching my work like a hawk.

Recently (okay, not so recent) I was browsing through my campus website to see my own course of study. Not that I'm the vainpot who wishes to see myself inside but because the people who get in are getting (fill in the blanks, once you go down, you can never come up unless proven otherwise). I was surprised to see my group picture in that segment! If only it was bigger, I can show the world my big head. Haha, kidding. Look at me, I look like an ant! Speaking of 'vainpot', you guys were so wrong to label me as one.

I'm beat and I'm off to bed. Happy weekend!

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