March to The Finale

How all of you have been doing? I hope all of you are doing good because April is marching in. Now that we're done with 25% of 2011, let's have a look what have we left behind so far.

In January, I had a great countdown, it was wrapped up by a trip to Jakarta where I did a lot of interior/architectural sight seeing which made me appreciate art even more. I made several new friends whom my mum's friend introduced to me. They're very nice people with very big hearts. Grateful to have such friends.

Moving on to February, we had Valentine's Day where the gifts market gross profit increased for that particular period - especially when my birthday falls right a few days after. Double happiness. No triple. Because adding on to double was the escape from being blindfolded - like I always do best to terrify my 'minions'. The celebration wasn't long thanks to tests and upcoming examinations.

Hint, if you really want the gifts industry to boom, make me popular. Trust me. ;)

Marching in itself was March which is quite 'the month' for me this year, somehow it happens to be. Sat for dreadful examinations and burst with excitement right after the last paper. At that time I really felt like hugging any person I see but all 6 billion of you were spared because by the time I saw anyone, the excitement subsided a little bit.

One week after that was SABE Dinner and Dance which totally rocked probably because I've never had prom night or any posh occasion after exams. In primary school I know nuts about prom just like everybody else. Which is why we don't really have prom during my time because there was simply no demand. Secondary school on the other hand was a little stuck up when it comes to loss leaders events - which actually would have been beneficial for a stronger alumni. Then comes to tertiary life - which is called dinner and dance, not exactly prom but we took it in a different way. Who cares when I say 'It IS considered prom night!'

Eleven days after that was results announcement. The e-mail hit my BlackBerry on the dot - it's like wishing someone happy birthday at Cinderella's cufrew. Scroll... Scroll... Scroll... I'm so happy with my results. Ms R's prophecy was right.

The weekend before result announcement I participated in the NUSMS Night Cycling 2011, it was named brake-free and I felt cheated because I lost count on how many brakes and breaks we made. Okay, probably because of all the long distance cycling just to prepare for this expedition. Nevertheless, I really had fun because I made new friends who're are very, very nice and fun to be with. They had station games and it's all about religious stuff. I joked with my friend who didn't participate saying 'I think I've reserved a place in hell... I know nuts about anything.' Which is not true I must highlight.

Recently I watched a movie, Battle Los Angelese with my siblings. Not so bad because the last sci-fi movie I watched bore me to tears. Battle was like the movie of the month for me. The last kill-me-already movie had a lousy storyline, no fight, no plot, and poor casting. Usually they would get a good-name actor that would have done the magic to poor story lines but no. Battle Los Angeles on the other hand, had an applaudable storyline with not-so-bad casts.

Most of you would have known through Facebook and Twitter for quite some time ago, I am fostering a pair of kittens for six weeks. This is huge. I know. No spark, no fire, boom! A basket with a pair of kittens. Surprised? Hopefully you are. What's more cats are one of my dad's pet peeves.

From what heard, these abandoned kittens will be put to terminal sedation if no one fosters them because they are too young and can be a handful for SPCA - knowing the lack of volunteers because of busy people and donors who lack the knowledge/compassion. I will be fostering them until they're old enough. They are in fact a handful but I'm glad they come in pairs otherwise poor kitten will be 'lonely boy'

So here are the several weird occasions...
  1. I accidentally regarded them as humans. Accidentally used 'dua orang' (two person) instead of 'dua ekor' (two kittens).
  2. On the first night, I put them in their comfortable basket but they went out and jump over to my mattress to find the perfect spot. Now I have to go back to sleeping upstairs.
  3. One of them is so greedy while eating that his sister was out of the picture. Poor molly.
  4. They dirtied my bedroom floor once and I was so pissed. Now they have no reason not to visit their tray.
  5. The sire is such a diva, the molly is such a butch. Now I'm really not sure if they are really male or female because I'm not good with kitten's gender.
Oh, maybe I should put them under the light and spread their legs. That should shed some light to my doubts eh?

Keep in touch, toodles!

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