Drop Shopping, Die Dining

This evening I went out with H, after ages of not meeting him. Let me guess, since mid-April until this afternoon, we only communicate remotely. Touche?

We dined in Ramen Ten for dinner and walk around to window shop. I had my guilt-free shopping a day ago and I got to draw a line at that for other 'maintenance'. We intended to catch a 'stand up comedy' show - go figure. We went all the way to Holland V. and since all seats were reserved, we decided to come on another day. We're grateful it brought us here because the shopping belt is such a mayhem - especially when there's about 5 million people now, with a healthy economic growth, people are spending.

Today's my first day wearing my yellow colored shoe that I bought in Jakarta (that I've kept for two months) to match with my polo. Despite looking like banana I'm liking it because there's no reason for any vehicle to hit me. Looking back, I realize how fast time flies! It's already May!

Next week starts my four-day showbiz with some primary school students. I am so grateful that this is happening because I've been having too much of a good time doing sweet nothings. This is so gonna bring my vocal range to another whole new level.

Then comes graduation, I have to go shopping again because some things are missing and unchecked. Probably one of the days... It has been so hot lately, and take care of thyself.

I'm so beat now. It's time to think for my personal major event now that H has brought it up. It really didn't occur to me until we talked about it on our way home in the limo. We ended the night eating shaker fries. I honestly think it's time to stop, or rather pause eating fast food for a while. Ta!

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