Today’s post brings you an important news in my life and the several things that I am grateful for. Just like any other Singaporean man, we will be conscripted by the age of 18 – but it depends on the education path that we take.

Right after graduation, my old schoolmates, friends and relatives have been asking where I am posted to for National Service and I asked myself the same question. Every single day I’d go to the letterbox to see if there was any letter that was addressed to me. There were a few then like subscription letters, or even school related letters.

I was gob smacked to go home one day to found a letter on my study table that comes in a package.

That letter bears my enlistment date and posting. So before I get conscripted for the next two years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made my break a worthwhile one. I have been doing odd jobs while on my break so it is hard to answer when people ask what I am doing because nothing was even temporary.

I had a great time spending 4 days teaching primary school students Malay Language as part of their compulsory third language module, this experience has enabled me to understand myself better – as a student.

Following which I did a short term service with Fairmont Hotels and Resort. It has spectacular working environment, the nice people I met from all over the world, and the knowledge imparted while I was there, I would never barter them for gold. It was a very fulfilling job, thanks to Ms Jean for the matching job she had for me. If it would not have been for my dinner there, I would not have found out the job vacancy.

Not forgetting Ms Rajes, for the ScreenSingapore experience and the wonderful people I met from there. It was such a tiring week for me but it is an experience that I will not regret taking upon. Honestly I was very, very reluctant to be a part of this until a certain point of time that my heart says go, I had to follow.

My break would not be complete without work dedicated to the ones with special needs. I would like to thank R. W for introducing RDA to me. Riding for Disabled Association provides therapeutic horse riding lessons for the mentally and physically disabled. They are very, very special people that have a special place in my heart.

Today onwards marks one month before embarking my journey in the Singapore Armed Forces. I hope all of you would wish me godspeed for my ‘holiday trip’ protecting the nation!

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