Universal Studios Singapore - 15 Tips

I was back from Universal Studios Singapore last night, and here are some pointers for some of you if you want to know. It worked well for me, so hopefully for you too.

  1. Check the local weather forecast. Avoid monsoon season no matter how cooling it is. I failed to do this and it rained in the morning. Luckily everything went well in the afternoon not long after it was opened. I managed to warm up in the gym with H though. It is a blessing in disguise.
  2. Buy your tickets in advance online. Skip the queue and avoid disappointments. 
  3. Purchase the Express Pass. The Express Pass costs SGD$30. The feeling you get when everyone looks at you cutting queue and saving time, priceless. But check out the ride availability. As for me, I went on a weekday and the odds of having all rides open is lesser than a weekend. Luckily, all rides were opened.
  4. Get the Studio Guide from the counter. What I did was to cross out the places I've visited to make sure I went for all. After which, I used it to find the bloody restroom. It camouflaged with the display buildings!
  5. Save your Express Pass for peak periods - in the afternoon. The rest of the time would be useless to use it. You'll be wasting your lifeline to cut the queue. You can ask if the queue is long before using your pass.
  6. Bring a poncho and a plastic bag. It's for wet weather, but mainly for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. You would not want to throw it away in case it rains or you want to ride on the Rapids Adventure again.
  7. Bring a spare towel and a t-shirt. You will get wet even  if you're not riding water rides. All the more reason to bring one if you are taking public transport. Be considerate.
  8. Charge your camera and empty its memory. Universal Studios in its name is in fact a studio. There are wedded couples who take photos there too. There will be so many photo opportunities for your own keeping. Especially if you've not been to Egypt or a real fairytale land.
  9. Eat well before you enter. The food there isn't cheap but neither it's expensive but definitely more worth it to eat outside in my opinion. Never say I didn't warn you but do not eat too much because you will obviously want to try out the food in there and you wouldn't want to smear digested food onto someone's face while riding the Battlestar Gallatica. We are prepared for rain, not digested food rain.
  10. Bring an empty bottle. It lightens your bag while you're on your way there, and it's healthier to drink plain water. You can refill your bottle at the water cooler and have your own water parade. Alternatively, if you think this plan is cheap and you want to flaunt your wealth, by all means buy their drinks served in a bong-shaped bottle or any other drink.
  11. Be there early. I know it's a little rushy to be there early in the morning and they were about to open but it is fun to see the place before it gets crowded. USS is not that big but you wouldn't want to be there for a while either. After paying that much, you would not spend as much time as possible in USS?
  12. Be the last to leave. No, not because I'm asking you to hide as a mummy and do a planned robbery but once the crowd subsided, you will own the place with lesser people to yourselves.
  13. Just bring a bag to fill in everything. In USS, you live like Aladdin. They have free lockers with time limit and some doesn't. So, read the labels properly. You wouldn't want to feel cheated and spoil your day.
  14. Rest well the day before because the fun and thrilling rides involves walking before getting in. Bring your happy spirit and use it all in USS. Avoid making fun packed plans the following day, you'll be beat.
  15. Bring a cap and a pair of shades. Photos with the actors who dress up as Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin has to be quick because there will be queues and sorry folks, Express Pass doesn't work here and you don't have the whole time in the world to touch up. So the cap is to cover your bad hair, and the shades is to cover your eyes - especially if you tend to close your eyes in pictures. And of course its dual function is to play double up by protecting your eyes from the sun and the blaring flash.
    Hopefully the tips will help you enjoy the seven worlds even more!

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