Eid 2011

This is probably tad too late but I'll continue.

This year's Eid celebration was 'sui generis' if not extravagant. If you hadn't known, the first day of fasting month was the first day of my enlistment and throughout, I am grateful I sustained each day with patience and willpower.

The Eid spirit was lifted and felt on the eve when I heard the Takbir and did our house decoration. Since I am away from family and the outside world 3/4 of the time this year, Eid holds on to a very special place in my heart.

Here in the light of Eid I would like to seek forgiveness from all my family members, relatives, friends and everyone that I had known for the past twenty years. We are not here forever and it is only right that I forgive you too, settle our differences and restart our relationship on a clean slate.

This year because of the exhausting and time consuming trainings, I did not have the time to visit relatives and friends however I made it a point to be out with my family as much as possible while time permits. If any of you feels neglected, please do not give up keeping in touch. I will be here. Trust me, I do read your messages!

God willing there will be a reunion soon.

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