Dominique Sirop - Women's Fashion Week 2011, Singapore

This weekend is a special one because apart from the exhausting sports day and the school cheer which felt like Halloween, I got to enjoy the sight of beautiful ladies in Dominique Sirop's designs at Women's Fashion Week (WFW) 2011, Singapore. It is Singapore's first large scale event solely dedicated to the artistry of haute couture and obviously this will be the first time an haute couture week is brought out of Paris. Before this, Singapore was not an air-conditioned city, that explains why we don't see people wearing this by the shopping belt. I will be surprised if I see one wearing them in this unmerciful weather.

I think by this line only half of you knows the hell I'm talking about. Haute couture is a dress made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses. If you really need to understand, just remember, jeans and tank top doesn't make a haute couture. So what's happening here is that they are bringing this in to increase Singaporean's fashion quotient because all these while we are the people of tank tops and slippers and that doesn't make do on special occasions. Otherwise how can we be top ten in the most fashionable country list, right?

Anyway, it was really great to be there because I don't only get to see dolled up models cat walking down the runway but several of my favorite art pieces were there. Mont Blanc, the official timepiece and Rolls-Royce the official automobile exhibited several of their new designs. It was a exhilarating to see shiny Rolls-Royce, sit on it to feel and smell the pure leather and let your shoes sink in the velvety car mat. You just feel like giving up everything and own just it to live in it.

I thought it was very creative to see DHL's masterpiece in creating a haute couture on the mannequins using their own labelled materials. I'd never thought of that if you were to give me a pile of DHL junks. I'd just dump it aside. Looking at them reminds me one of Carlsberg's video advertisements. Creative and attractive.

Women's Fashion Week seems to be all about style and poise. As you enter, you will be greeted and ushered in, and you will never get thirsty for there's free flow of wine, champagne and for the health conscious, orange juice for you. There were even people around to inform you when the show was about to start - no way you could be late for the show. It's all about elegance. But boys will be boys if you compare this to Men's Fashion Week, you know how hysterically fun and noisy Men's Fashion Week was.

One thing I like about the runway is the propping to make it look like spring. It gives this cozy ambiance where you don't feel too stuffy from the lighting because everything was dim before the show and it did not give the corporate video introduction like what happened in Men's Fashion Week. Instead, there was a host to introduce us to the show

I am grateful to be a part of this and I thank everybody for the wonderful opportunity to attend Women's Fashion Week 2011. You know who you are. Have a great week ahead as I'm going to prepare to pump some iron in days to come.

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