Birthday 2012

Have you ever heard of a postponed birthday? It comes to no surprise for those who had experienced or heard of it. My birthday this year was in fact a unique one. I am an Aquarius and now the horoscope sign has passed the water bearer. Being at a special age this year, it is only natural to celebrate it and I did not have the time.

First came the preparation for my long holiday in Taiwan, followed by family's schedule being ever busy. We did not have a common free time. So I decided we celebrate it when I'm back but again, we did not have the time because I am busy preparing for my graduation parade.

So my birthday celebration is not only postponed, but extended.

It started with a birthday song at the strike of midnight on my birthday. Few days after, I was off to Taiwan. Syaz and Khai was sweet enough to send me off together with my parents. I had no idea there was a birthday cake involved. It came with a card. Not only a birthday card, a farewell card too! Then I flew off, with sweet memories in mind thinking about home.

When I was back, I had about two weeks to graduation and all I have in mind was to have a birthday party. Even as an educated event planner, I really can't find the time, resources or energy for that matter to organize a birthday party. Not even at home. Even if there's resources, I don't think there's time to call upon everybody. In the end, I tell myself to find an alternative instead.

So I decided to bring my family to Aquamarine and there goes my birthday party with ten guests. Laugh all you want but all I wanted was a proper celebration! I am glad that all of them were satisfied, and most importantly happy. A big thank you to my uncle for the top from Massimo Dutti and thanks to my parents in advance for they will be getting me an iPad - just that I don't know when will I be getting it!

In the evening that day, Syaz and Khai brought me somewhere as another post celebration because they wanted me to fly I-so-call the wishing lantern where you write your wishes on the lantern and let it fly away. It was thrilling and amusing! I can't help it but to laugh because we almost burn the entire lantern. Although there was spare but the idea of writing my long wish on it again is atrocious.

So there goes my unique birthday celebration. How belated can it get! No matter, thank you everyone!

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