The May Bombshell

This evening I was browsing through my archives just to read the old part of me (being the sentimental man I am) and I realize I've not updated my space here for about a month. No matter, I am still grateful to my bunch of friends and other readers who dropped by. If you've been wishing for this place to be updated, your wish just came true! Since there was no entry in April at all, I think it is time to drop some bombshell. So what have I been up to really?

Since graduated from my command school, I was busy preparing to be a commander and for at least three weeks, I attended a preparatory course just to ensure that I don't violate my power and some disciplinary rules that was laid out before we were posted to our respective posting. I don't see myself violating my power or even have any disciplinary issues. I daresay I know myself pretty well. I am, most of the time, the type of guy who plays by the rule. But I, set the rules. Kidding!

So what am I doing now if you may ask? I am living my dream as an event planner and pretty much a project manager too. I am happy with my posting because I know I can do a good job, but don't expect me to be perfect while I'm still learning. Planning a real event is intricate but it is personally fulfilling. But I do have high hopes to be the perfect event planner in the training centre I am in. By the way, I do more than just planning and running events. So far, it has been going well and I hope all of you are happy for me as much as I am. I definitely need your support and well wishes so that I won't fall too deep into my work problems should there be any.

Let's skip work and move on to my personal life. No, no dates or anything just that I've been going out a lot to watch movies. Despite being busy I still need my work-life balance too. I've watched The Hunger Games, American Reunion, Battleship, The Avengers, and even The Titanic (3D) with my friends and family. Pretty much wholesome outing with dinner and chats after movie. Oh just so you know, I'm a fan of digitally screened movies, not 3D. But I'd still watch 3D if I have to.

I had not played bowling for a very long time, and this year is my first after three years! Back in April, it was my first game and the second one came right this month, about a week ago. Got to say, my skills are rusty but I'm pretty much back on track on the second game! I've been practicing on tennis too and who knows, within a year I could dethrone Novak Djokovic? The world is full of surprises that you would never thought of.

Social wise, I am glad to have reconciled with my primary and secondary school mates. We have not met probably since the dawn of time. We have been very busy on the chat in BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp. So busy that if I don't put it on silent mode, it calls for a major disaster. I can't put it on vibrate mode either, otherwise it keeps on tickling me while it's in my pocket. I am very grateful to have company around me though.

They say after a year of not reading and writing, your language proficiency will fall. I don't know if it is all true but I'm not risking it. So I've been reading and writing too. Because the education system sets us to be effectively bilingual, I have been trying to speak properly but it is not as easy as just speaking. It's a little harder to relate with locals as we tend to speak not only fast, but we make shortcuts too. I don't have any examples but you know what I mean. I'm not gonna say it's a totally bad thing if it helps the listener to understand you in a short period of time, but it's a bad example if we want to make our city a cosmopolitan one.

During this break, I'm gonna catch up on all my favorite shows, and get some inspiration for upcoming events that I have to plan. I hope I get the chance to use the confetti!

Anyway, I have heard a lot of news on broken down trains. Let's hope things will get back as usual. No more train delays and breakdowns again, please! Not only workers but the economy relies on it too.

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