Mother's Day, 2012

Happy Mother's Day too all momsy around the world, and this wish is specially dedicated to my mum. There is no better gift than a gift from God, a woman named mum. For she is the one who raise us, and take care of us since the day we were born. Even in religious texts, God has placed mums in a special place be it in the Koran, Bible and so on.

So is there anything special that I have planned for my very own beloved mother? Honestly, no. Because everyday is Mother's Day. This is my opinion, it's not only in a single day we appreciate our mum. Not just in a single day we make our mum happy, not just in a single day we give our mum surprises. It should be a day to day basis and it does not need to have any monetary value in it. Real mum don't expect gifts, real mum don't expect fanciful dinners, real mum don't expect glitzy stuffs from the mall because they are always readily available. Surprises and gifts can come in many forms, like doing well in your studies, respecting them in front of their friends and anything that you cannot find anywhere but in your heart. What she wants is a loving child who loves her for who she is. We have to appreciate our mum as a whole.

I am not saying any of you are wasting time, money and effort in putting in all those dinner and gifts but I bet she wouldn't care about that single day you make her happy while all other days you make her sad. Those are for sentimental reasons. Of course after saying all this, I have to deliver!

This afternoon I was at Jeremy's for his birthday party and I am so elated to have finally met him and some of my bunk mates whom I knew back training school. After which, I went over to Downtown East for a birthday BBQ party at my cousin's chalet.

This weekend has been fruitful meeting long lost friends, and long lost relatives because usually only on these occasions do we get to meet. Otherwise we will be too preoccupied with our worldly activities and before we know it, something else happens.

I would like to wish Jeremy and my cousin a very wonderful birthday and may the odds be with you!

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