Let Me Super4orce You A Message

Early this morning while having I was having breakfast and wonderful cup of Gryphon's, I chanced upon this article on page 27 in The New Paper that features one of the lastest show in OKTO channel, Super4orce.

Honestly I have not watched kids show for a long time because I'm past that age but what grabs my attention was the genre. How often do you see locally produced Sci-Fi?

Horror? Done. The Incredible Tale. Comedy? Done. Too many to name. Under One Roof and Phua Chu Kang is on top of my mind right now. Yes, I'm the 90's generation and I won't deny we Singaporeans need a dose of endorphins now and then because this is not really the land of smiles. Deal with it. Thriller? Suspense? We have Code of Law on Channel 5 to abide with and reality shows? Plenty. What's more to say? Plenty of documentaries and and artsy programmes in OKTO too but Sci-Fi I daresay kinda one of a kind. Better yet, when superheroes are involved. Now Superman, a product of a mishap, came into my mind. After all, it is a superhero themed series.

Who doesn't love Sci-Fi? It's not teeth biting, and it's not that empty chick-flick series that we watch. Not that I don't watch them, guilty as charged! But we got to start stimulating our mind with creativity and something different. And Super4orce is probably it.

Only with 10 episodes, you'll follow the lives of 4 misfits who receives super powers after a freak Science Fair explosion. If America has Scooby-Doo, in Singapore we have Super4orce less the dog that only gets brave after that cookie. My God, how could I remember that cartoon! Just that this is not cartoon.

I've watched it and I know, it's awesome. It doesn't kill you to tune in to OKTO on Thursdays and Saturdays, 8pm and 12 noon respectively. And do check out the behind the scenes video!

Video courtesy of Monochromatic Pictures

You don't tell me you watch Gossip Girl or Pokemon because your friends didn't tell you. They absolutely did!

Anyway, since we are on this topic on locally produced series and movies. Must I say we should support them, otherwise who would? The only reason Hollywood and Korean pop is doing well is not because of the money they spent on tours. They have a large fan base in their very own backyard. Should we want to rise up like them, we should only do the same. And that's how we get the ball rolling.

I'm saying this not because I wanted to be in a show or anything because then this would be a very, very cheap shot but lo and behold, before I graduated, I detest locally produced films but after watching them because bo-pian (no choice), it changed my perception of local films to a great extent. The storylines were good, and the cinematography was incomparable. They just lack the support.

I suppose it is time for us to lay back and think just about that. Good night!

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