November's Ride

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I last wrote and I am writing today to share with you several pieces of good news.

I am proud that you have attained an exceptional result. Know that what you have gotten now is the result of your very own input and you are one of the many living examples that show hard work is the key to great results.

I would like to thank all of my friends and relatives for congratulating me for one of my latest achievements. This success does not belong solely to me and it is only right to be shared with all of you. Yes, I will be determined to work harder next time! For now, let's concentrate on what is left and make it an eventful one. So far, I am happy that the elephant in the room has left. This is definitely a great time to make things right to the way it were, roll up my sleeves and start fresh on a high gear.

There are no major events this early month as I am preparing for what's coming in a few weeks time. My free time now is constricted with preparation for upcoming events in December at work. With Christmas, new year and leave to clear, I cannot afford to be sick or have my schedule screwed up. Which is why I took this weekend's play time very, very passionately.

This morning my friends and I went for breakfast at The Line at Shangri-La, Singapore. I felt a little seasick from taking the cab and the food made it all go away. I started with cheese croissant, which is one of my favorites for it is a combination of my two favorite food. Alongside with several slices of watermelon and strawberries. I really needed those energy boosting food because last night I was back late from a private event and dinner with my one of my friends and after that with relatives. There was more to breakfast than what was mentioned. Not forgetting huge waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries! I was that close to canceling my other plans to stay there but I have a stable of horses waiting for me.

After breakfast we headed off to Johor for horse riding. I really missed riding since two years ago when one of my friends, R. Wong introduced it to me. It was amazing for it is a humble place, away from the hustle and bustle. But what's hustling and bustling is probably me talking and laughing away while the horse was trotting in the jungle and plantation. I must say the first time I went I was pretty amazed by how close the riding place is to my home. It is so close, yet so far. Nevertheless, I appreciate it still. I will be there again next week. This time, not with a crowd. I do hope my two little fellows are happy to join me today. Thank you, Mos!

After riding, we were then driven to Thistle for dinner at Glass. Surprisingly, our Singaporean legend, Fandi Ahmad was in the building. I was drafting this post on my iPad at the lobby for the free WiFi when I saw him walking at the lobby. I was a little starstruck! It could be a lucky sign that I might be famous like him one day - not for sports definitely. Only kidding!

It sums up to an eventful day definitely. It's time to recover and get down to business at home. So many errands to run today. I haven't had the time to reply my messages either, which I'm gonna do later. Stay tuned.

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