Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012, Singapore

For the lack of better word, it was amazing. But I'm sure it's paradise to those who loves a good champagne, nice TWG tea and its macarons.

This year's haute couture fashion week is different for me because all these while, fashion events that I have attended to are the ones in permanent building like event halls but this is the first time I am attending to the one in a big tent. It felt a little bit like Aladdin's tent. Plain on the outside but magic on the inside.

A quick information on the shows that I went and I recommend you to check them out if you're interested in fashion. If you're not, I recommend you check them out as well for cultural exposure. Cultural exchange is not limited to overseas trip only!
  1. Asava by Polpat Asavaprapha (Thailand)
  2. Barney Cheng (Hong Kong)
  3. Junko Shimada (Japan)
  4. Yumi Katsura (Japan)
  5. Maurizio Galante (France)
  6. Julien Fournie (France)
  7. Christophe Josse (France)
  8. Atelier Gustavolins (France)
  9. Alexis Mabille (France)
  10. On Aura Tout Vu (France)
I remember giving a rough explanation on what haute couture is all about last year because I was that noob to even know how to pronounce that word. I used to pronounce it confidently as 'hot-ketua'. What the? Laugh all you want, I know most of you people in my circle don't even know how to pronounce that French word too. Will see who'll have the last laugh. Only kidding!

At this year's event, I learnt that not anyone can be a haute couture designer. Seriously. I am not talking about the kind of hard where people could say "Just design something really intricate and nice, poof, you're an haute couture designer." No. Apparently it's a little bit like if you want to be a property agent. You have to pass like an exam to be certified and recognized one. They have a union that governs this, unbeknownst to me.

Up till today, you have no idea how impressed I am with the details of just one dress. Sure not many would wear it on a day to day basis but in a way, it expresses ones vision and imagination on a dress. Of course, being impressed doesn't mean I like everything that I see. It's art and it's only natural. Probably all would agree with me that as nice as these dresses are, have you ever wondered how are they gonna;
  1. Keep and transport them (but there's DHL)
  2. Get into the car.
  3. Sit on a chair to have a meal.
  4. Take a leak or a dump. Sure Kumar would joke about sarees but he'd probably have not seen this!
  5. Better yet, run from a robber.
I am very grateful to be able to attend this year's event anyway. Very, very grateful. Thanks a bunch, with cherry on top to my family who helped me out just so I could attend this event. So thank you to all of you. Hopefully the ones who're suppose to be surprised are surprised too. They are people like S, A and D. Did those initials just spelt sad? Funny.

Not forgetting the new people I got acquainted with! You guys just made this experience more vibrant. I will e-mail to all you fans when I am free. This week has been hectic and lord knows why. Will share it with all of you people next week!

Have a great week everyone! This is your final sprint before the year 2013!

For more pictures, you can always view my Instagram profile if you're too shy to follow me. I won't bite! Check out www.instagram.com/muhdzulfadli. The full album is in my Facebook! Gonna miss you!

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