The Tip of Peninsular Malaysia

Hello everyone, I'm back in town and hope all is well out there. I can't deny the fact that since October actually, my schedule has been quite upbeat till today. Work aside, there are other things in life that needs attention and I am grateful to Almighty for the utmost inner strength that was handed down to me over the past few months.

While most of you fly across the ocean for peace, I just had to cross the sea. How convenient!

When I was young, my parents brought me around Malaysia a lot for holiday. You name it, I've been to all states in West Malaysia. (But, if you want to cheat, you can always drive up then back down) That was because my siblings and I were still young, and my late grandmother was not suited to fly so Malaysia was always the ultimate destination when it comes to holiday. In which, I'm proud to say that my dad somehow knew the road in Malaysia a little better than some other. My family and I probably deserve a certificate of appreciation for that. Only kidding!

Since this year my family and I were busy, we hadn't had the opportunity to spend time together so we decided to just stay at one of the resorts in Johor, formally known as Johor Darul Ta'zim. While the room service was faster than I thought, there's a lot to be done on the cleaning. Vacuum cleaning is an imperative skill but clearly, it is not the cleaner's forte. Or is it because I'm overly hygienic when it comes to travel? I don't know.

The journey started with horse riding (again!) with my beloved nephews before checking in. Apparently there was a little misunderstanding on the timing initially but I'm grateful it was all sorted out. I'm happy that my nephews were elated that day. Mission to make two kids happy accomplished!

I finally had the chance to set foot on one of Malaysia's latest attraction and from a person who has not crossed borders for a long time I am pretty sure there is progress in Malaysia. I mean all these while when I visited Malaysia, I was a little pessimistic about it. Same old facade, deteriorating buildings, abandoned projects and what not. Well that was then when I thought every country in the world should be like home but home is tad to perfect really. When the fact is, it is common to see what we see in Malaysia in other parts of the world too, be it its positive or negative aspect. Oh what have we become, Singapore. Just hope our small country doesn't make our people small minded.

Apart from the new plastic note and newly built checkpoint, there are new projects around Iskandaria that is on the way or already up. But Singaporean investors confidence remains questionable as crime rate is still sky high.

Anyway one of their latest attraction I went to was Legoland! Word has it that Legoland are for kids and it has never been so true. It kinda bring back my memory as a kid, playing Lego, not cleaning them up after playing and then got scolded with my late grandmother because she accidentally stood on one of the Lego pieces. You know how much it hurts, especially when you stood on it unexpectedly.

Going to Legoland is like going to Art of Brick exhibition at the Art Science Museum. Only magnified! Look at the making of Christmas tree video. Just look at the weight!

Honestly, Legoland is huge for kids. Definitely more enjoyable for them. It's a whole new world. It's definitely more colorful and the things there are just mini. Even their most thrilling roller coaster is kid friendly. Height is a secondary issue. As much as I enjoy and recommend you parents to go there with your kids, (if you have a kid who can walk and talk at least), maybe you might really want to look at the time you're going. It was not really pleasant to wait in a long queue and torrid weather. You know how kids behave when they are lethargic and impatient. I spent the entire time praying for this thing called Express Pass to be available but no it did not happen. It is not available in Malaysia yet I think? Nothing works better than hope!

If none of your family members are kids, know that it's a pretty wholesome theme park for adult family too because I know for sure I can't convince my mum to ride something like Formula Rossa or Big Shot no matter how eligible she is. So, don't think of it as just a theme park for kids. It is indeed a family friendly theme park.

There goes my short break. Hope this entry is entertaining and informative enough for you readers. Thank you for visiting my humble blog. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my alumni mates for not being able to attend the reunion BBQ that was organized last week as I was not able to reach Singapore on time. Know that all of you are always in my mind! I kinda crave for some barbecued sausages and otah.

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