Mummy: Secrets of The Tomb

I've been to one of these mummy exhibition when I was eight and as always, the mummy exhibition tend to be popular. Seems like there's magic to it. Learning about the mummy exposed me to new knowledge that I've not known before, and a little bit of revision of how Moses dueled with Pharaoh at that time.

Sweat the stress out!
Early that morning we headed to the gym for a quick workout. As it was real hazy, outdoor activities were avoided. That is why Amin and I decided to go to the gym and the the Art Science Museum. Life still goes on albeit the haze!
We took the public transport to the museum because the parking at Marina Bay Sands is not only hard to find, it is expensive - it's not even easy to find your car back! I didn't want them to incur charges while I look for a parking spot. "Ka-ching! Ka-ching!" Also partly this is mid-June and I need to remain frugal and prudent on my expenses should I want to remain unemployed for the next few months. Moral of the story, to play hard, you got to work hard.

The haze in town was a lot worse than back home probably because town is closer to the open sea, which is where the smoke came from.
We got the tickets right at the counter and there's discount for locals! So please remember to bring your identity card! Okay, the discount isn't much but for something that's brought over from Egypt to Britain to Singapore; it is worth paying for.
Credit: ArtScience Museum
As you enter, you're greeted by a photographer who will offer to take your photograph with an Egyptian background and props. Although it's optional, and you probably won't buy it, I'd recommend everyone to take it. Because you don't know how good you look in ancient times.
You should find out what time is the next 3D movie screening because they have a thirty minute video showing the autopsy of this mummy of a temple priest - Nesperennub. I probably spent the entire time before entering perfecting the pronunciation of his name. Anyway the video introduces you to Nesperennub and will probably be the bulk of your tour. Don't miss this!

There they will show you how a mummy is embalmed.
Credits to one of their beautiful staff.
As you go along, you will see the hundred plus artifacts and the six mummies. Apparently they have approximately two thousand Gods - which will take you about five years to pray to one each day. For a belief that has that many God, the exhibit is quite small honestly.

Had I not read, just take a peek and go, I'd have finished the exhibit in fifteen. But of course, for someone who has interest in this kind of thing - like yours truly, he'd spend about two hours absorbing everything like a sponge.

The wall with empty spaces! Credit: ArtScience Museum
Here's a constructive feedback. While it is very informative, it's a small exhibition let's face it. I don't know why they'd spend lots of money building humongous hollow walls for division and paste decals which is not only small, but come in only two languages. I don't know if the curator is made in China, or Britain or Singapore (face palm) but we can guess he doesn't know his demographic. Hey, I'm just saying. For a start, next time, why not we put them in four languages first, yeah?
If SMRT can do four languages, if IKEA can do probably all languages in the world, why can't this - for an educational and cultural place that wants to put itself in the eyes of the world? Tio bo?
About the haze...

It's nice to read jokes about the haze in Facebook. It enlightens the mood in the so called darkest hour - but just one night is enough! And let's stop complaining without valid suggestions shall we?

The haze as seen from The Helix Bridge.

We complain so much as though the minister or the farmer who burnt their land is in your friends list.
Yeap, we know we can't see our beautiful skyline, we can't breath, those with medical problems are facing medical problems and those who are driving can't see clearly. Even I can't sing for my throat is dry! I can't agree more life is a little bit more expensive here too because of insurance and stuff but in my honest opinion these are external forces that some of us just can't control. What we can do is to control our actions. Hopefully all will be well.

Have a lovely weekend!

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