The Rose Veranda

Last weekend my friends and I decided to hangout at The Rose Veranda. Since we've not met a for a long time, we could use a quiet place to catch up, enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of the place. There were many food to choose from the the desserts are crazy. Home made ice cream and strawberries dipped with chocolate are just the few irresistible delights.

Enjoy the exquisite pictures because we won't be sharing what we talked about over Ace of Hearts tea!

All of us finally unite after how many months? Welcome back Niz!
A gift from Taiwan by Niz.
They have so many teas to choose from. Spent an hour choosing.
Macarons, cheesecake, and home made vanilla.
Well that's that for my weekend! We dropped by ION Orchard to window shop and bumped into one of my ex-recruits. And we saw this Style Magazine competition! Below is our submission. We did it by impulse.
For Style Magazine, we swallowed our pride to pose in public!

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