Kabur - Pentas Budaya 2013

Ahmad, Sarah dan Hariz merupakan sahabat sekelas yang berbeza latar belakang. Kehadiran mereka bertiga di dalam alam tersebut mencetuskan sebuah pengembaraan yang penuh ujian dan cabaran. Melalaui pertemuan dan kejadian yang tidak diduga, mereka akan mengenali kekuatan masing-masing dan juga mempelajari erti sebenar persahabatan.

Credit: NUS Malay Language Society
Last Friday, we attended a really amazing theater performance that showcases young, and promising talent from various schools. They were handpicked by the NUS (National University of Singapore) Malay Language Society through a camp to be a part of one of the latest production hosted by the NUS group. According to QS World University Ranking, NUS is one of the top universities in the world.
I am really proud to say that one of the directors is one of my good friend; Syaz. Congratulations!

With the show towkay (boss) in the middle.

The story was about three classmates who has different background and personality. They were picked by their teacher to work as a team for a project although we can see that there's bound to be a personality clash. So, something mystical happened in a scene that brought them to another world.
Ain't gonna spoil it with the details!

Curtain call.
I honestly think the story line carries a lot of moral value in it - which is ever vital in a play. In terms of stage set up, it was really minimal where there is little usage of physical props, yet alternatives of stagecraft like projection, sound effects and lighting were used. And it really worked well because it doesn't only cut costs, but saves time on interval too. It's a theater performance, not a bloody musical!
One of the reasons for me to be there was not only to give my full support but also to meet old acquaintances. It was really great to keep up with the few who matter because social media can be too loaded with updates. I could really use technology detox because sometimes it can too overwhelming. Oh God, is this a sign of aging? So here are the few people that I have not seen for a very, very long time.
With the gorgeous primary and secondary schoolmate.
Ex-classmate in my tuition class!
With an old classmate in Higher Malay - he was really short then!
Photo bomb in the middle (kidding!) with another old classmate back in Higher Malay.
There you go, flower power. Only kidding!
A selfie can never go wrong!

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