Fide Fashion Week 2013

This year's Fide Fashion Weeks (FFW) kicked off with two renowned ready to wear brands - Bread and Butter, and Pierre Balmain. These feature shows definitely set the tone of the event throughout the two weeks as trendy and loud. It's also almost impossible to let the fashion week escape from being labelled as one of the social events of the year in Singapore. I was really excited to attend this year's event for several reasons and I would love you guys to see the event for yourself the next time you're in Singapore. We are not as dull anymore!

I have been to Fide Fashion Week (sometimes referred to Singapore Fashion Week) here since it started in 2011, and it has been growing ever since. Sure we have fashion week in Milan, Paris, London and even New York, but why go so far when you can have it in Singapore? Better yet, it's happening right on our backyard. Besides, what's there is always available online - for a change, why not watch something that you've not seen or never knew before?

Which is why I always look forward to fashion week! Apart from meeting my gorgeous friends, I also get to see models donned in art. Anything that is wearable, but not practical is art to me. Don't get the wrong message, because I think art has to be hard to fit in otherwise it wouldn't be exclusive would it?
Sofia Wakabayashi walking the runway in Guo Pei's.
Photo credit: Jeri Soh
Guo Pei's show was amazing because it really set the bar for haute couture. Fashion too high no one can carry. It takes a really fit model to wear that and I am sure whatever Victoria's Secrets model were wearing on the runway, were not as heavy as this. It was crazy that for one of the dresses, they had to prop two men in order to support the train and the dress. It's a wonder how those female models don't sweat in that dress. Guo Pei really took suffer for fashion to a whole new level. Guo Pei was really over the top, I can't say enough on this. It is definitely a treat to the eye with her latest theme - 1002 Arabian Nights. Yes, 1002, not 1001. The show was full house - her designs speak for itself.

Flowy dress by Yumi Katsura.
Photo credit:  Jeri Soh

Yumi Katsura's has always been my ultimate favorite - her designs were more practical for wedding dresses (after all that was how she started) and her dresses were meant to be admired by many. She never fail to surprise her audience with her glow-in-the-dark Merlion that was embedded on one of her dresses, and dual colored dress. You know how some jackets are double sided, now apply that on couture dresses. Maybe to her, embroideries are little too cliche. She managed to put the basics to her intricate work which was really something worth clapping for. Some would call it cheap because of its dual function - well first of, we are Asians. We dig anything that's practical and maybe cost saving. Secondly, I heard that one of the dresses cost about 2.8 million? Not sure about that, but cheap or expensive, her business is still running! Of course, her show ended with a standing ovation from us - besides, the anthem was aired with models waving our national flag, it wouldn't be inappropriate to stay seated! We love her don't we?

Sebastian Gunawan's designs were appealing because it shows a strong culture to his dresses - elaborated and sparkly floral. He won me in terms of color because he was one of the many designers that uses blue extensively - which is my favorite color.

Models donned in Gunawan's designs
in my favorite color!
Photo credit: Sebastian Gunawan
Also, Frederick Lee - he is the first Singaporean to showcase his dresses in this year's fashion week. He literally brought Halloween forward with his dark, mysterious and Gothic dresses.
A design by Frederick Lee.
Photo credit: Jeri Soh
There were many other designers that I wish I can talk about but we will have to leave that to another time, more pictures coming up next!

Thanks everyone who made my attendance possible! You know who you are! See you next year!

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