Men's Folio 16th Anniversary

Men's Folio just celebrated its 16th anniversary and I would like to wish them a happy birthday!

Men's Folio anniversary party was held at Chameleon club lounge and it was my first visit there. All these while whenever I'm in Dempsey, I'd just spend time like how Brits do - drinking tea and maybe have some ice cream but this time, it's a little different.

Located at the heart of Singapore, 22 Dempsey is definitely an ideal location for events because it has a restaurant, cafe and a club to choose from and the lightings make it look magical at night.

The party was amazing because I get to meet some of my friends whom I've not met for quite some time, and everyone was having their fingers crossed for the Bell & Ross lucky draw. Which was one of the reasons I was there - kidding!

Men's Folio has been my favorite lifestyle magazine because it does not only cover about fashion, but also dining, skin care and many more. They always have fresh faces and style which I can never get bored of. Being at the anniversary really makes me feel appreciated and honored! Their latest issue is out on the newsstands, grab them now!

This month's issue does not only have some of my favorite guys as the cover, it also featured one of my favorite athletes, Marcel Nguyen, looking sharp as ever in that suit for Ernest Borel. These guys does not only have the looks and money, but they have the drive. Which is really inspiring to me and should also be the same to you.

It was definitely a great start to the weekend because I was very surprised and thrilled to have bumped into one of my close friends! Thank you for having me Men's Folio! You can count me as one of your loyal readers!

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