Digital Fashion Week 2013

Hey everyone! How's it going? Hope all is well because we are coming to the end of the week! Honestly, I never look forward to a new day because time seems to run faster than I do. That applies for 2.4 km fitness test too!

So today, we are going to talk about Digital Fashion Week 2103 that  happened recently all over the world. Yes, I said all over the world, not just in Singapore because this fashion week is world’s first shoppable live streaming fashion week. A joint partnership between DFW Creative, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter to bring the latest fashion to consumers in real time. I am really honored to be invited once again for this spectacular event.

This year's Digital Fashion Week (DFW) is special because we have supermodels walking down the runway and one of them was Naomi Campbell! The first day show ran about two hours behind time - but if you are in fashion industry, fashionably late is nothing new. Hence, the term.

Naomi Campbell in Zen Chi's. Photo Credit: DFW
DFW is more than just about models gracing the runway with beautiful outfits. You guys may be interested in them. I do but not as much as being interested in the concept of DFW.

I personally think DFW 2013 isn't just about showcasing an array of designs by talented designers as well as renowned brands like Topshop but magnifies and emphasizes a point that digital media can be leveraged on a broader spectrum, not only to get wider coverage and audience who does not only get to be a part of the event through live streaming, but also helps businesses to get real time profit online!

Photo Credit: DFW

People from all over the world need not fly over to watch this, and it helps up and coming designers gain audience through live streaming, but also convenience of shopping of their designs via ASOS Marketplace. Analytically, DFW contributes more to the fashion micro-economy as compared to giants like New York or London Fashion week where they have buyers who can be market movers. Just a thought, will have to put that to study!

For those who are new to fashion, interested in it, or if you just wish to reaffirm your faith as a fashionista, DFW also streams make up and hair-do tutorial which is very engaging and educational.

Photo Credit: DFW

If you are those kind who has a lot of free time to hangout, but just don't know where and who to hangout with, you can always log into Google + Hangouts. DFW uses this by having a fantastic line-up of celebrities and icons from the fashion industry attending the event this year – Devyn Abdullah, Naomi Campbell and Jamie Perlman, just to name a few.

Now you'll probably start asking, if everything is digital be it networking, runway shows and shopping, what are we doing there really?

Well, I was there to eat the ice cream, and finish up the sponsored Fiji water as much as I can because it's overpriced in 7-eleven! I was kidding, sure the ice cream is nice and appreciate that we have water to get by but how much can one take right?

Most of us are there to support the designers, and models who walked the runway of course! Can you imagine not having anyone watching but just a camera on a stand right at the end of the runway? It's not only weird, it's just sad! Some things in life do need human touch.

Also, I found something really interesting. It's not related to fashion at all, but this thing is something I fail to appreciate at first, until I started touching it. On set there were two seats and table which is made entirely of Tri-Wall - some kind of high quality cardboard. It's amazing how the structure enables the furniture to not only look solid, but withstand human weight. And the best part, being the Asian we are - things has to be functional, it can serve as an ottoman too. Just that if it's going to be in the market, it better be waterproof! Nevertheless, amazing!

With Bart, designer of the furniture we were seating on.
So once again, I would like to thank you DFW for giving us the chance to support the designers! See you guys again!

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