Larry Jewelry & Lazare S/S 2014

Hello everyone! How's it going? Despite the inconsistent weather, I hope all of you are cheery and happy as always. As much as I would love to feel excited and alive, I have to take that on the keyboard because I had to throw back a flu tablet. It has been going on for few days and I really hope for your well wishes!

If you are feeling low or bored today, or maybe just thought that you might need something to cheer you up, I have something for you - for the ladies.


Last weekend Larry Jewelry and Lazare hosted a fashion show in Paragon at Orchard Road. It was the showcase of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Lasted for about half an hour, the dazzling diamonds drew not only the invitees attention but patrons too.

The party did not just end there, the store attracted patrons and guests alike. The store was offering discount for its designs.

Who wouldn't want diamonds at a discount? As compared to gold, diamonds are epitome of wealth and luxury. It is a shiny rock that does not appreciate. They are coal put under pressure.

This made me into thinking on how strong we should be in our life.

There may be hurdles in life and what makes us great is how we overcome them!

Larry Jewelry and Lazare presenting their collection at the Paragon atrium.

Models in Anteprima up close with guests.

Working the jewelry!

Doesn't this remind you a little bit of Cousin Itt in The Addams Family ?

A show that got the patron's attention!

Snack before heading for a concert.
I had Krispy Kreme after the show because I have not tried it before until last weekend. Maybe my preference for doughnut is different, but I think the Original Glazed is probably the only saving grace. The red velvet although looks pretty is so dry I almost felt like choking. The cheese was good and the topping is unnecessary. The cookies and cream topped doughnut - although collaborated with one of Hershey's finest, did not really have my taste bud tingling.

Some of you might be crazy fans of Krispy Kreme, and not everybody has to feel the same way!